Homemade Leaf Vacuum for $50




Introduction: Homemade Leaf Vacuum for $50

You can easily build this giant leaf vacuum for around $50.


- Cut 4'x3' half inch plywood for base and attach to back of mower.

- Prop up back end of plywood with a 5 foot long 2x2

- Build a 3'x4'x4' wire frame box out of 2x2s, on top of the plywood base.

- Wrap the box with deer netting and staple on.

- Cut a 3 foot wide x 8 inch tall hole at the bottom back of the box and attach a plywood door

- Cut a hole in the front of the box for the leaves to go in.

- Add 8-inch vent pipe to the mower leaf tube, to send the leaves to the top of the box.

- Mow to collect leaves and use a leaf blower to empty the box.

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    3 years ago

    Can you come clean my lawn? LOL... Seriously though, that is an awesome idea!