Homemade Longboard

Introduction: Homemade Longboard

Ive wanted to get a long board for a while, but i could never justify spending the money seeing as ive got a car already, so then i thought id make one.
i looked around here on instructables but again all the materials cost lots and were fairly hard to get hold off where i am.
theres been some pretty high winds down here lately so at work (im a tree surgeon) we've been clearing up some storm damage and i got hold off this piece of Poplar, not the best wood for a longboard i know, but it was all i had.
the plan was to just use it as a template until i could get some better wood, so at the moment its still in rough stages.

i did all the shaping work with my hand axe and used a saw and a hammer and chisel to get the cut-ins for the trucks.
the trucks and wheels are from an old Fracture standard skateboard ive had lying around for ages and havent ridden, but im now looking for some proper longboard trucks and wheels on eBay.
as i said, its still looking rough but i thought id upload it to get some opinions.

comments are welcome, thanks.



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    Good product, given the circumstances lol

    I mean, it's probably not the most excellent functionally, but I really like the spirit of finding a long piece of wood to stand on and nailing some trucks and wheels to it. So honestly, I think you did a great job; this looks really fun and I'd love to try something like it in the future.

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    Okay, we'll firstly, so much for the "be nice policy" and secondly if you'd take to time to look at my other instructables, you'd see I have another one called "homemade longboard finally finished" where I have (as the title says) finished the board.
    Thanks anyway.

    And I'm just stating my opinion, I'm not cussing you out or saying you suck or something more offensive, so calm down.

    The finished one is top of the list in the related links by the way. And of you read this one, it says its in early stages. So maybe next time you should look abit more before commenting.

    Your deck is a little on the thin side. Only drawback is that you'll have a lot harder time controlling the board on turns, widen the deck and you'll be fine.

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    Hi, and thanks for the comment!
    I did come across that problem when I've started riding it, but I've just been out recently and bought a whole new undercarriage designed for longboard, whereas what I have there is obviously standard skateboard trucks.
    The new trucks are wider and looser and the turning is great now :)