Homemade Metal Lathe DIY Spindle Headstock by Drill Chucks

Intro: Homemade Metal Lathe DIY Spindle Headstock by Drill Chucks

Homemade Metal Lathe DIY Spindle by Drill Chucks

A lathe is a piece of equipment used for shaping wood or other material. It consists of a base, which can be mounted on a bench or work table, and then, on either side, the headstock and the tailstock. The headstock has the spindle bearing which control the spindle, the part of the lathe which turns. The tailstock helps balance the spinning headstock, and features a stationary hollow horizontal access for a steel cylinder, which can be adjusted for accepting or stabilizing different sized tools and drill bits to cut the spinning material.

Spindle Headstock very easy for DIY with old hand drill, aluminium, bearing, and few time....

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