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Introduction: Homemade Microwave Pizza

Hey there! Yea you! Tired of having to preheat your oven for a single serve pizza or two and don't have a toaster oven? Me too! Which is why made my own tasty microwave pizza!

I used Italian style shredded cheese (I started off using a mexican blend, it was still pretty good),  Pepperoni, bacon bits, and recently upgraded from ketchup with onion powder (Don't knock it till you try it) to pizza sauce, because that's all I have on hand, you can make yours with any type of topping you want! Also it would be a good idea to use parchment paper, s the bottom can get kinda soggy otherwise, but it's still tasty

It takes literally no time at all! 1 to 1.5 minutes in the microwave plus a quick put together and your done!

Please note: these are not my most 'photogenic' pizzas as I was in a hurry to eat. lol

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Step 1:

After getting your bread they need to take a quick trip to the toaster, otherwise the crust can become a little chewy. Think of the toast you got in school, remember how hard and unappealing the crust was? It was basically like trying to bite into a hockey puck , or at the schools I went to anyways. Well something similar could happen if you don't lightly toast your bread first.

Step 2:

Add pizza sauce! Or ketchup with garlic powder, it was actually really good, just add the garlic powder to taste.

Step 3:

Shredded cheese, I haven't tried cheese slices, but I don't see why they wouldn't work, you just get more variety with the shredded cheeses to experiment with different flavors. More cheese the better ;)

Step 4:

Add your toppings! :D

Then just add more cheese after your toppings (I should have added more)

Step 5:

Then it's time to microwave! I stuck these two in for a minute and thirty seconds on high, but only one minute on high when I make one of them.  Once the timer goes off it's time to chow down and enjoy!

Microwaving times may vary from unit to unit so adjust accordingly! 

Please share some of your creations with me, I'd love to try them! :)

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    3 years ago

    I just cut a single slice out of a huge frozen pizza and cut out a matching triangle of thin aluminum foil. I place the foil onto a microwavable plate and put the pizza slice on top.

    Little or no foil exposed. Cooked in the mw for three minutes on high. It came out bubbling on top. I removed the foil and the bottom was wet but not soggy.

    The very tip of the slice was dry and sort of hard. The crust was also hard but some people eat hard crusts anyway - I don t like crusts.

    Once it cooled the bottom dried out somewhat and I could see that there was a slight browning.

    The rest of the pizza was delicious.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    What a fun idea! I've done these with tortillas, but bread looks just as yummy!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Hmm, never thought of using tortillas, I'll have to try that one, thanks for the idea! :)