Homemade Mini Circular Table for DIY Woodworking




Introduction: Homemade Mini Circular Table for DIY Woodworking

DIY Mini Circular Saw for those who want the precision cutting ability of a circular saw in a lightweight portable power tool . DIY Mini Circular Saw allows you to easily cut clean, straight lines on jobs in which a standard size circular saw would be awkward and heavy to handle. The compact design and sharp 50 mm blade make cutting thin pieces of wood a snap. The Mini even allows you to accomplish precision plunge cuts. The Mini Circular Saw has power of old drill motor and cuts at 2800 rpm. and important are very cheap and easy for do it in home.

More Homemade Mini Saw DIY Circular Table Saw here:

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    3 years ago

    My thoughts about Instructables is writing & developing a Step by Step Tutorial.

    One might use a video to show the RESULTS, but hey, start with above, then I will be back to read your work.


    3 years ago

    all 3 videos are offline.... :(