Homemade Mini PCB Drill




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Building a home made drill machine for the PCB.

Step 1: Making Video

You can watch the video for making of the drill or continue reading to make one for yourself.

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Step 2: Things Required

1. 12 Volt DC Motor

2. PVC pipe (Which should fit the motor)

3. Perfume cap

4. PCB Drill Chuck

5. PCB Drill Bit

6 Chuck Key

7. Switch

8. Adhesive Paste

9. Insulation Tape

10 Scissor

11 Wires

12 12 volt Adapter or 9 volt Battery

13. Solder Gun, Solder Paste & Solder Wire

14. PCB board to test

Step 3: Construction

Connect the wires to the Motor & Switch

Step 4:

Make a hole in the perfume cap to insert the switch

Step 5:

Make few holes to let the air flow to cool the motor

Step 6:

Cut the adhesive paste and apply on the inside of the PVC pipe & insert the DC Motor

Step 7: Wiring

Connect the wires as shown in the wiring diagram

Step 8:

Connect the chuck to the shaft.

To watch the testing CLICK HERE

Testing begins @ 9:50

Step 9: Finished Images

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    2 years ago

    For a simpler method try this:



    2 years ago

    is the torque is enough for ?


    Reply 2 years ago

    Any adapter which has output voltage between 9 to 12 volt. I used a old modem adapter which has a output voltage 10volt.