Homemade Mini Press Drill for All Hand Tools

Intro: Homemade Mini Press Drill for All Hand Tools

Homemade Mini Press Drill for all Hand tools very cheap and easy

Parts and Tools:
2 pcs Aluminium Alloy Profile 300 mm x 80 mm x 40 mm.

Aluminium Alloy 6061 300 mm x 80 mm x 12 mm

2 pcs Aluminium Alloy 6061 70 mm x 70 mm x 12 mm

Aluminium Alloy 6061 60 mm x 160 mm x 12 mm

1 Linear shaft 15 mm x 250 mm aixs

drill or hand tools Ozito, Dremel .....



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    3 years ago

    Hello, I have built all the hardware: physical structure, and have completed in entering the GRBLtoArduino and all the software. I have used the Universal GCodeSender and has successfully interpreted the software for is says " Grbl 0.8c ['$' for help] ". I've soldered the stepper motors (for I'm using steppers from dvd roms) to some salvages wire from a printer I took apart. I installed some female sockets in order to connect to the male pins on the CNC Shield ver. 2.01 . The orange light from the arduino flashes and in the Universal GCodeSender ver. 0.8 completes the operation b/c is says " ok " . I have no idea whats wrong. I know the steppers work b/c ive used a 9v battery to pulse the motors and they do indeed pulse. Ive used a multimeter to check its resistance and it works. I've checked the current on the motors once connected to the cnc shield and there's current. I have tested if the drivers are in fact getting power and they are. I've attempted the code " x=100 " , " $7=225 " but no motor movement. Can ANYONE help me ?