Homemade Mobile Gun Rack/Stand

Intro: Homemade Mobile Gun Rack/Stand

Made a Gun rack/stand for under $30. it's cheap and it keeps everything organized and in one place when I'm at the paintball field.



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Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

You're welcome! By the way, don't forget to use the "reply" button. I only noticed your comment when I went to your profile page to leave you a thank you for subscribing (aka following) me. So, thank you! I appreciate that.

Also, if you're looking for your "orangeboard" (which is a place that people can leave comments to you), then you can find yours through this link.



6 years ago on Introduction

I'm not usually a big fan of video instructables (as they are often very clumsy and full of "um's"), but this was great! Very well explained in a brief video, and I loved the song. (Thanks for including the name of it at the end).

Great job, and thanks for sharing. ;-)