Homemade Mod Podge!




Introduction: Homemade Mod Podge!

I always need mod podge for my craft but in my country it's very expensive!

I make my own homemade mod podge, then it's work!

Step 1: Step 1 : You Will Need

1. a bottle or jam jar

2. White glue

3. Water

Step 2: Step 2 : Mixing the White Glue and Water

Pour the white glue in your jar or bottle and fill a water, then shake the jar for 1 minute.

The mixing ratio of white glue & water is 2 : 1



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    I read the instructions and tutorial, but I'm still not quite not sure how much water to add. Did you fill the empty glue up with water?

    What a simple and great solution. I often wonder if the pricing is for the name

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    Wow I have been using this for Paper Mache for years, although mine has had a much higher water-Glue ratio (like 1 glue to 4 water)

    Can you use any white glue? What about washable kids school glue?

    thank you, thank you for this wonder, and yet inexpensive idea.

    wow thanks! its very expensive in new zealand also.

    I must try this~ thanks for sharing~ and do have a great day~


    This mixture is not waterproof If you prefer, you can coat your craft with acrylic clear spray.

    I am going to try this, it's readily available here, but the price adds up after a while! Thank you!