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Introduction: Homemade Natural Deodorant

Picking out natural products in general can be a pain,while shopping for hygiene products. I noticed the little to no options for deodorants that are paraben/aluminum free. Finding a natural deodorant can be like finding the perfect leave in conditioner, impossible! I decided to do some research, within the research I came up with easy to find materials to make your own deodorant in your own kitchen. Your deodorant can be altered to your liking with the different essential oils available. Below are the instructions to get started with your own homemade deodorant!

*Please be aware of any nut allergy


1.Shea Butter

2. Coconut oil

3.Baking soda

4.Your favorite essential oil

5. Small recycled glass container

Step 1: Assemble Your Products!

1. Measure out your 3 Teaspoon of Coconut oil, ¼ of a cup of Shea Butter, and 1 Teaspoon of Baking Soda

Step 2: All Together!

2. Add all the ingredients to the glass container

Step 3: Whip It!

3. Mix until smooth

Step 4: Oil Drops

5. Add your choice of essential oil (approximately 6 drops)

Step 5: Finished Product

*Pour your finishing product into your recycled container, to prevent from melting store in the refrigerator!

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    16 Discussions

    Adding cornstarch instead of baking soda works well also mixing with bees wax (on the stovetop)and pouring into an old deo container keeps it from melting.

    I don't have any shea butter but I might try it with some cocoa butter! Thanks for the great recipe!

    So how do I use it? Just guessing a teaspoon is out the question.

    I've tried the witch hazel water & colloidal silver water version which works well for 2~3hrs from a pump spray type bottle.

    4 replies

    You can add the finished product in a recycled deodorant container and apply like you would with any other deodorant!

    How do you recycle a deodorant container?

    Naturally aerosols are out of the question and the mitchum roll on's are one piece plastic moulded around the ball, ie nothing to pull apart.

    The invisible solid container works great, you just remove the old deodorant that is left over and wash it out and put your homemade deodorant, then you can dial it up more when needed.

    Okay, you mean the stick deo's, like a large lipstick which you twist, okay that makes sense.

    Also keep in mind that this is made in a small batch, this is my intention in order to keep from unused stored product from going bad!

    I find that baking soda based deodorants irritate some people's skin. Anything else you might recommend to use in place of the baking soda?

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    Basically most anti fungal/ antiseptics like tea tree oil, the antiseptic from Thursday Plantation

    Grapefruit seed extract is another that springs to mind, also essence of niaouli and essence of thyme.

    I made a similar recipe before. the best thing I found to do after making a batch is throw it away and buy some real deodorant.

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    Nice to know, this instructables should of been a topic of no interest to you then. Enjoy your "real" deodorant. Best wishes.

    For about 3 months, You must keep in mind that this is not a antiperspirant deodorant. You will sweat, I allow my body to remove toxins out my body the way it is intended to.