Homemade Digital Camera Halloween Costume

Introduction: Homemade Digital Camera Halloween Costume

This costume is easier than it looks.  To make this costume, you will need:

1 large box for the body
1 long-narrow box for the flash
1 plastic flower pot
2 cans black spray paint
2 soft black felt pieces to cover arms
1 soft white felt for the flash
1 thicker black felt for the buttons
1 white paint marker/pen
2 sheets thin plastic
black electrical tape
razor knife
1 Android or iPad tablet if you want it working

Cut the holes in the big box for your head and arms
The box used for the flash is just one box with cuts in the back so it will lift up... and cuts in the front so it fold down. (look at the pictures)  I also cut small pieces of cardboard with little slits to hold the flash up.
I used masking tape to hold the 2 boxes together and also cut a few slots in the box to push little tabs through for extra support.
Use a couple of bread ties to hold the flower pot to the box... and then save the watering tray to use on the back.
Spray paint the entire thing black... and then add little felt buttons with rolled up black tape pieces.  I painted all the white details with a little white paint marker.  I used a couple pieces of plastic over the white flash felt... and then used black tape to hold it on. 

If you want to show a working slideshow on the back, cut out a hole slightly smaller than your iPad or tablet, cover the edges with black tape... Then tape your tablet on the inside.

Add details you want and you're all done.

To give proper credit, I was inspired by seeing this other camera costume on Instructables at https://www.instructables.com/id/FULLY-FUNCTIONAL-Camera-Costume/

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks Jessy, it really is easy to make the buttons by tracing with a small glass on rigid felt to get perfect circles... and then the white paint marker really made the details stand out.