Homemade Notebook Dividers

Introduction: Homemade Notebook Dividers

It's very important to be organized in school, in fact i think its the most important part. A great way to keep you biders organized is to use dividers. This is useful when lets say you need to find a handout you chemistry teacher gave out last week. While other people are flipping through pages of notes and homework, all you have to do is find the little tab that says "handouts" and BOOM!!! there it is. Here's an easy, and quick way to make you notebooks a heck of a lot more organized.

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Step 1: Materials

To make these dividers i used....
     * Colored paper (doesn't have to be colored, it's just to make it stand out)
     * Packaging Tape
     * Scissors
     * 3 Ring hole puncher
     * Flash cards
     * Some kinda of sharpie (or writing utensil)

Step 2: Punch Out Holes for the Rings

This step is pretty simple just use your hole punch to put three holes in your divider paper. Make sure you space the holes correctly up against the guide on the hole punch.

Step 3: Make Your Label

Go ahead and think of how you want to organize you folder. For me i wanted to make a notes sections. So i took my flash card and wrote "NOTES" on about an 1 1/4" length place, that way it will fit inside the tape and not stick out on the edges. Once you've written your label, go ahead and cute it out.

Step 4: Tape on the Label

Start out by cutting about a 3 inch long piece of tape. Then place that tape about an inch down from the top right side of the paper. Next place your label where you want it to be, and stick it down. Finally fold over the tape making sure to get no creases, and stick it down.

Step 5: Insert Divider in Folder

Now you can go and put your fancy new divider into your notebook and try it out.
It looks, and works GREAT!!!
Hope this helps you out, GOOD LUCK IN SCHOOL!

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    2 years ago

    Sounds easy enough but my students are very hard on their notebooks or tablets. I have made these before but will need to use card stock next time as they tend to break easy. Good Idea thought:)