Homemade Pencil Holder

Need a new pencil holder, but you don't want a store bought one, now you can make one.

Step 1: 1. Gather Your Materials

You are going to need a 1ft long plank, a 5 in. long wood block, a pen, a ruler, a power saw, and a hot glue gun.

Step 2: 2. Marking the Cuts

You will need to mark every third inch on the wood plank.

Step 3: 3. Sawing the Wood.

Saw the wood into the four sections that you marked.

Step 4: 4. Gluing

Glue the sections into a rectangular shaped cube. You will have the top and bottom open.

Step 5: 5. Finishing the Glue

Glue the wood block to the bottom of the box.

Step 6: 6. Your Done

Admire your fine work.



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    10 months ago

    That's a neat simple build :)