Homemade Pure Vanilla Extract

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This fragrant Pure Vanilla Extract would be a perfect Homemade gift for anyone who loves to bake, cook or add flavours to food!

It's really so easy and only takes two ingredients.

Step 1: Making Homemade Pure Vanilla Extract

Grain alcohol is usually what companies use to make extract but this is difficult to find in my liquor stores so I have adapted other alcohols that I already have in my home.

The different alcohols add a wonderful flavor to baked goods.

We love to use pure extracts in our coffee or teas as well.

You can use 750ml clear vodka or clear rum...Brandy if you can afford it!

Pure Vanilla Extract

To this bottle add 3-5 vanilla beans...the shell can be used if you have split them and scraped out the seeds!

This even works if you have very dry hard pods.

Place in the bottle, put cap back on and place in a dark cupboard.

This will take up to 1 month to become seep and become dark, so start this project before you need to give as gifts or use yourself.

When it is very dark, use a narrow funnel to fill bottles, seal, add a decorative label and gift away!

When you have emptied the bottle, you can reuses the beans to place in sugar and it will lightly flavor your sugar or dry the beans and process with sugar to make vanilla sugar.

Step 2:



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