Homemade Quiver




Introduction: Homemade Quiver

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Step 1: Things You Need

Step 2:

Trace the duck tape with the marker onto the cardboard

Step 3:

Place one arrow onto the cardboard and mark how lint you want your quiver to be

Step 4:

Cut out all the cardboard strips at the length you wanted

Step 5:

Cut out the two circles make one have a hole In it to create the top and bottom of the quiver

Step 6:

Duck tape the top and bottom to the strips of cardboard

Step 7:

Continue to tap the strips to the top and bottom of the quiver

Step 8:

Step 9:

Cover the outside of the quiver with duck tape

Step 10:

Create the strap by hanging a long piece of duck tape to something and covering the two sticky sides of the duck tape together cut the strap to the length you want then attach it to the quiver with more duck tape

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