Homemade Reading Glasses




Introduction: Homemade Reading Glasses

Do you want to read at night but there are problems with your lamp ,not anymore with my homemade reading glasses

Step 1: Pieces of Little Bits I Used

I used a P1 Power ,Cable ,Battery . To spice it up I used a Dimmer instead of always turning the whole thing off .Also ,I used a Long LED .

Step 2: How to Make the Glasses

Step 1 ,Get 3 popsicle sticks and make a small rift in the middle ones ends .On the sides cut one rift in one side on both .Next use electrical tape to keep them together for good .

Step 3: The Finishing Touch

Tape on the Little Bits and ENJOY



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    nao consegui prestar atencao este tutorial pois seus dentes chama muita atenção. por favor, procure um dentista!


    3 years ago

    Love it Jesus - Keep them coming!