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Introduction: Homemade Rock Candy!

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Rock Candy is so adorable and fun!

Remember buying it at candy stores? It's such a fun novelty treat!

It can be a great science experiment for children too!

Here's a tutorial for Rock Candy with fabulous pictures!

Step 1: You Will Need:

It's easy to make and only has 3 ingredients!

3 Cups Granulated Sugar

1 Cup water

Flavor (optional)

(I used Cherry)

You will also need wooden skewers, mason jars--or a skinny tall glass, food coloring, sugar, and clothespins.

Step 2: Make Syrup!

In a medium sized saucepan,
bring the sugar and water to a boil to dissolve all sugar.

You don't need to rapid boil at all...for any amount of time.

Just dissolve the sugar.

It makes a super thick syrup!

Add the flavoring...

Prepare your jars and sticks

I used mason jars...pint size.

In looking back, I would use the tallest and thinnest glass I have.

I used wooden skewers and clothespins.

The clothespins keep the sticks centered and not touching the bottom of the glass.

Critical in rock candy crystal structures!

Step 3: Sugar!

Take your sticks and lightly wet them. Then roll them in sugar.
Allow them to "dry". The sugar gives the syrup something to

stick to and get the crystals growing faster.

Step 4: Color and Cooling!

Now for color!

I wanted to do all of them different colors, without
having to make separate batches of syrup.

So I added 1 drop of food coloring to the bottom of the jar.

Then I poured in my syrup.
(let the syrup cool to room temperature. If not, your sugar on the sticks will dissolve)

The time for cooling varies...I found it was very hard to wait...but essential!

Step 5: Add Sticks for Formation!

Add your sticks and wait patiently!
We just set them on the counter and didn't have any

problem with bugs or anything weird.

About a week later!
You can see the crystal structures forming.

They also attach themselves to the inside of your jar.

No biggy.

We let ours grow for about 2 weeks.
Then pulled out the stick,

And had a darling little sugar crystal sucker!

My kids absolutely LOVED to see the blocky crystals.

Step 6: Leftovers!

What to do with the remaining crystals in the jar?

Easy, it's pure sugar right?
I poured out all the excess syrup and let the jar drain upside

down in a bowl for about 5 minutes.

Then, I used a fat butter knife and chipped out all the crystals I could.

Equally as impressive, just as tasty, and a fun mix of colors!
It's crystally and small, like pop rocks...just no pop!

Fun Science project!

Check out my blog Doodlecraft for more amazing ideas!

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    21 Discussions

    can you do it using liqueurs? i.e. campari? what is the right amount of alcohol that must be used in order for the crystallization to happen? cheers

    mine failed I filled to jar all the way but when I went to take the skewers out the jar came with it so I have three jars of candy and I couldn't eat it so I broke the jar and ate to candy yummy but I wish I was easier lol

    This looks really neat! I've always wondered how to make rock candy.

    1 reply

    so had I. so glad I signed up and received this. have you made rock candy yet, Candy Cane? Also I love that name. it's so kawaii (cute).

    Love this! I need to do this with my daughter! Hate how it takes so long to grow though, darn sugar!

    1 reply

    I hate that as well, but I find if I'm waiting for something , it's best to forget for a while, that way your not running backward and forwards all the time. this trick works for me, but it was how I managed to burn the sweet potato rostie I was making for dinner

    This looks very similar to an instructable I did

    1 reply

    what was yours about, I'm very interested to find out.

    I tried to make this, and I made some really pretty colours, but Tia ate it before it stated to crystallize, I made her sick. well I did make 4 colours and tried to make 2 in each jar. i'll try again soon, but i'll have to hide the candy mixture.

    I would actually pour boiling water in the jars to get the crystals off, then remelt them and see if I could make more syrup for another batch.

    1 reply

    nice treat for my sister, maybe she'd enjoy making these if she can wait long enough

    I never had much success at this and I think it's because I didn't roll the skewers in sugar first. Of course I'm going to try it again using that trick.


    2 years ago

    I'm doing it I love Rock candy!

    So he called Iran nabat
    Better than the color of the Iranian saffron in it, pour brewed tea is great

    very very cool and i bet it tastes nice!