Homemade Rocket





Introduction: Homemade Rocket

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This is a fun and easy-to-make homemade rocket.

Step 1: Build Your Rocket

The photos show the various stages involved in building your rocket.

1) Assemble the equipment as per the first picture - cardboard, paper, scissors, sellotape, bottle, craft knife, toothpick, duct tape, and a length of garden hose.

2) Make sure you make an airtight seal around the bottle with the duct tape.

3) Make a rocket as per the photos using paper, cardboard, sellotape, and a toothpick.

4) Tape the hose to a wall or fence so it is vertical.

5) Put the paper rocket on the other end of the hose.

6) Stand on the bottle, and the air from the bottle will cause your rocket to fly off the end of the hose. A hard push will cause the rocket to go further and faster.

7) To refill the bottle with more air, simply blow on the end of the hose to expand the squashed bottle.



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