Homemade Rocket Stove

Introduction: Homemade Rocket Stove

In this video you will show how I made my new big rocket stove.

With this stove you can cooking and boil water fast. Its useful for camping, fishing, hunting and many more.

I used 120mm x 3mm square tubing to make this stove

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Step 1: Start

Cutting all the pieces we need

Step 2: Give It a Shape

Welding the main body and adapters for the legs

Step 3: Legs

Making the adjustable legs

Step 4: The Top and Ports

Making the top , handles and the rack for the pan

Step 5: Paint

Painting with High Heat color

Step 6: Its Ready for Use

Test time

Step 7: Video

More in Video

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    2 Discussions


    4 weeks ago

    Unfortunately you need just one modification to call it a Rocket Stove.You should search for and read books on this.