Homemade "Shoot N C" Splatter Targets




Introduction: Homemade "Shoot N C" Splatter Targets

The following video shows how to make targets that show a high visibility splatter ring around the bullet hole.



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    The website, http://www.visibilitytargets.com/ uses packaging tape over the paper instead of the water-based 1st coat. Probably a little cheaper and definitely quicker and less mess since you only are applying one coat of paint instead of two. I haven't tried it yet, but should work ok

    Never thought about making my own. Now I know it's possible. We tend to be able to get a 10-pack of the commercial ones for $8-10. So I bet your method nets you double that in paint costs.

    Nice job! You could also use the ProveIt target template from http://www.visibilitytargets.com