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Do not load a round until you are going to use it and be careful if you strike the front of the barrel with a round in it!! It will go off!!! This is one I put together. I am working on another barrel with 223 caliber I will be posting soon. Thank you

Step 1: Find a Tube

Find a thick metal pipe tube that will fit a 20 gauge or 12 gauge shot gun shell inside it perfectly. I made mine out of an old 12 gauge barrel with a choke that fit a 20 gauge perfectly.

Step 2: Find Another Tube

Find another thick metal tube to be able to slide over and passed the on your first tube. I usedan old seat post off a bike. I also added a piece of an old vacuum handle for the end as extra protection. Can be used to hit with and acts like a flash surpresser as well.

Step 3: Firing Pin

Fit a cap on the outer end of outer pipe tube and drill hole and tap for firing pin placement on and end of outer tube. I pressed mine into the back of the tube in center for my pin.

Step 4: Notch the Tube

The rib on top of the old barrel I used as a guide on where to cut into the outer tube. I notched it just to keep it straight in line. Measure it right and it will work I am sure everyone's will be a little different. Mine, is just all that I had to make it with at the time.

Step 5: Make Handle

Make or find a handle for the front and rear grip. I used a handle I found off a milk tanker lid that was threaded so I drilled out the end of the seat post and bolted it there to support the rear handle(inside handle) and used the handle off of a aluminum drywall mud hopper and cut it to fit over it. And for the front grip handle I used the handle from an old crutch.

Step 6: Mount the Handle

Drill and mount the handle with a bolt or however you can to make a grip to hold on to.

Step 7: It Is Legal to Make for Yourself

It is legalto make this, so please do not try and get into trouble and just so you know, the law states that any citizen can make a firearm but it is "ILLEGAL"to do so and sell it unless you have a ffl license.

Step 8: Survivin' With a Little Advice:

I am sure that if we were in an apocalyptic times all of that would not matter anyhow. So if or when it ever happens, be careful and try to stay alive! Hopefully this will help you do just that....It is always best in my mind to if possible purchase an AMD-65 assault rifle that will accept a 75 round drum. Then purchase yourself a receiver then build it. That is the best weapon and a lifesaver so never leave home without yours because you never know what might happen. And it is always best to have it and not need it than it is to need it and not have it. So plan ahead and order a few kits and receivers even if you don't build them right away. Look for my soon to come instructable on that one...

Step 9: Just a Little Advise....


Step 10:



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    2 years ago

    By USA Federal law, legal to make, not legal to sell (and must be destroyed when you die, it can't be inherited either). States vary wildly in it's legality.


    2 years ago

    If I made this in my state someone from the police would arrest me. Getting this dangerous thing off the streets would be a good thing, IMHO.


    Reply 2 years ago

    I have shot this using 20 gauge birdshot ammo with no problem several times,you can not shoot slugs out of this one due to the taper inside that narrows the shot because I used an old barrel from a 12 gauge that had a choke tube on it well I would not try it with this barrel I have another barrel I'm almost done with and it will shoot a 223 round I'll post it soon