Homemade Snowglobes.





Introduction: Homemade Snowglobes.

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How To....Snowglobes.

Courtesy of Eric Prykowski


empty jar with lid
crazy glue ( or any glue that does not dissolve in water) small plastic
toys such as animals. ( these can be found in the toy section of dollar
stores, or in craft/ hobby supply stores) water glitter

Step 1: 1

Glue down the animals to the underside of the lid with crazy glue.
Make sure you have them positioned how you can most fully appriciate

Step 2: 2

Fill the clean, empty jar with water and a spoonful of glitter.

Step 3: 3

When the crazy glue is entirely dry- screw the lid back on to the
Before you turn the snowglobe over, seal lid to the jar with crazy glue
to make sure no water leaks out. Let dry.

Step 4: 4

Shake your globe and set it down in front of you.
Watch and enjoy



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    17 Discussions

    this is so cute! For a more elegant look, spray painting the animal with mettalic paint would look really cool. Do you mind if I use this for inspiration for my own instructable? Thinking on using those gumball machine containers for miniature snowglobes ;) Great instructable, and your sketches are lovely! I added corn syrup to make the glitter fall slower :) lovely work!!

    I love your drawings I wanna be an artist too

    Enjoy reading your instructable .. so original in your presentation. 2 thumb ups for you.

    your drawings are awesome. This snowglobe could be a wonderful idea with a small toy that a Mother would like, colored glitter, a bow around the lid and given to a Mother or Woman for Mother's day. You could do so much with this outside of Christmas. I love it, thank you

    The sketches are wonderful! You can find inexpensive real "snow globe snow" on Ebay, http://tinyurl.com/4bzts2g

    Also, lots of plastic and glass snow dome and snow globe kits in different sizes at snowdomes.com

    1 reply

    I used a circular saw on some scrap pvc pipe. The resulting sawdust made a nice snow globe snow.

    I forgot to say that I read somewhere that if you add a little bit of mineral oil, it makes the "snow" more floaty.

    1 reply

    I like the way you drew pictures to show each step. You're pretty good at drawing. It's original

    After not finding any instructables on how make a snowglobe (somehow missed this one) I endeavored to make one out of my own ingenuity. The hardest part was to get the snow to 'snow' (fall) slower than normal. Mixing mineral oil and water did not seem to work well for me, however liquid glycerin seemed to do the charm. One addition that I've yet to see in any other homemade snowglobe was an embedded LED in the interior figurine (In my case a church). All you need is an LED, some wire, a switch, and a power supply that outputs the correct voltage. At my brother's suggestion, I added a resistor to prolong the life of the LED.

    1 reply

    I imagine the switch is outside the globe. How did you seal the hole for the switch?

    you can also raise your object up off of the lid a bit to be more "in" the globe. just use a small piece of plastic between the object and the lid.

    i agree with the sketches also I plan on makeing a compleat war screne in the inside of a picle jar or somethin also it helps if you put 1/2 water 1/2 corn syrup or 3/4 corn syrup 1/4 water if you want the glitter to move slower

    awesome sketches.

    love the drawings, really nice craft instructable