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Introduction: Homemade Sound Dock

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This instructable will take you through building a homemade sound dock. I wanted to get my sister one for Christmas, but I have worked with audio so much that I just decided to make it myself.

Step 1: Cutting the Box Out!

First step is to cut out the box. The way it is built is with a top, bottom, and two sides made out of MDF. The size is dependent upon what speaker you select to use to get proper air space. I cut my pieces with a table saw. As you can see the edges have a 45 degree angle cut to allow the corners to be a 90 degree angle. This ensures a perfect box and takes away the cut edge of the mdf which is hard to paint.

Step 2: Add a Step Down on Edge

On front and back of my project I am using metal panels. This is for aesthetic looks. In order to make it a neat install and professional I used the table saw to cut a lip in each piece so that the panels would sit in them and there would be a 1/8" lip to add interest and tie up the project. Since I used 3/4" thick mdf I cut the lip 1/2" wide leaving a 1/4" lip around the perimeter.

Step 3: Gluing

At this point we need to clamp the edges together. I used a piece of angle iron and metal clamps to hold. Corner clamps would be fine but I do not have any at the moment. Let dry overnight before handling.

Step 4: Filling and Sanding

After gluing you will notice the edges are not perfect and you will find small pinholes and dips. Use a filler of your choice to fill these areas in and cover up any cut edges or else paint will not stick. I use bondo for this. Take your time to not miss a spot. After filling, take 80 grit sandpaper and knock down the main bits. Swap to 120 to get it smooth. Move to 220 to really get everything flush and butter smooth. When the paper glides over and doesn't catch you are ready to prime. This step takes a bit but don't slack or it will show!

Step 5: Priming

This step we prime the wood box. It's very easy. Make sure you get enough on there but do not get it too thick or it can affect how the paint cures. I just used a rattle can.

Step 6: Painting/Coating

For this project I chose to cover it in truck bedliner for a durable finish. I used the stuff in a spray can. It took 3 coats and I had to let dry for 3 days before handling.

Step 7: Cut Metal Panels

I used a CNC machine to make the panels. I cut length and width and also the speaker holes. After the test fit, I drilled holes for the volume knob and also a power switch, along with holes to screw it into the wood box. The back just has a hole for aux jack, power cable pass through, and also holes to screw into wood. Test fit all the components before paint so you do not have to start over.

Step 8: Paint Metal Panels

I used a chrome spray paint to paint the panels. After drying, I fit all components again.

Step 9: Make Connections

While everything is drying, I made all my connections. I soldered the end of an aux cable to the new jack that connects to outside of panel. The switch was wired into the power supply, and the speakers were wired into the amp. I also added a rubber grommet in hole in back where power passes through for added safety.

Step 10: Install Metal Panels

I installed both Metal Panels in this step. I used a silver wood screw that I predrilled out. Also use finishing washers to make it more professional.

Step 11: Finish Installing

In this step finish installing all the components and speakers. I used self tapping screws to fasten speakers in.

Step 12: You're Done!

Plug In any aux device, hit the power switch and listen to your favorite music!

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    3 years ago

    I like it. Any reason you didn't use a bluetooth/amp combo board? You can find them with aux inputs as well.


    Reply 3 years ago

    Nope. Just decided to go that route off spur of the moment. Would b great with Bluetooth as well!

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Great looking speaker setup. I really like the industrial look that plate metal finish gives it.