Homemade Sriracha Salt





Introduction: Homemade Sriracha Salt

About: Alton Brown taught me how to cook, now I want to tackle diy projects.

You can watch the video above, or follow the steps below. Choose your own adventure good sir or ma'am.

Sriracha is delicious.

Salt is delicious.

Let's combine them and see if the universe implodes from deliciousness.

Step 1: Get a Container

Get a deli container or some sort of tupperware or device you can put a lid on.

Want to buy the deli containers I use? You can grab them on Amazon for cheap.

Step 2: ​Gather Up Some Items.

  • Sriracha
  • Kosher or sea salt
  • Parchment paper and a cookie sheet.

Can't find Sriracha at your store? Buy it from Amazon.

Step 3: The Big Fancy Hard Part

Shoot a healthy squirt of Sriracha into about 1/2 cup of salt.

Put the lid on.


Step 4: Dry the Napalm Goodness

Pour out your new, however still wet, Sriracha salt on your cookie sheet lined with parchment paper.

You have 2 options now.

  1. Put your cookie sheet in a cool dry place for 24-36 hours and let the salt naturally dry out.
  2. Put your cookie sheet into a 350 degree oven, turn it off, and let the salt dry in the oven for 8(ish) hours.

Either way works. Number 2 is slightly faster but realistically 8 hours is no better than 24.

Step 5: Check for Doneness

Is the salt dry?

Good, it's done. Now put it into a deli container, lid it and use it at your leisure. Give it a good hard shake if there are any minor clumps.

Is it still a bit wet?

Then leave it alone for another 12-24 hours. If it is still wet after 2 days, you used too much Sriracha sauce in the beginning and you might need to start over.

Step 6: Bonus Step

Want your salt to be a bit finer? Pour it into a peppercorn grinder.

Booya, enjoy your Sriracha Salt.

Step 7: Bonus BONUS Step

Sick of American Sriracha? Get the original Shark brand Sriracha made in Thailand.

Another popular variety is the Polar brand Sriracha Chili sauce.

If you have a another brand you enjoy, let me know in the comments.

Step 8: Disclaimer

All my links to sauces are affiliate links. I have never once made a red cent FROM affiliate links, but I still hope and dream someday to be able to talk and cook food for a living, so my feeble attempt to make money is via these links.



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Ive been making this for a few years now, I do use more Sriracha and dehydrate it. also added a little maltodextrin to help with clumping. last christmas i made some specialty "pill" bottles. after buying some unused bottles. i put the salt in them and made labels. http://www.flickr.com/photos/killbox/11556945326/ and http://www.flickr.com/photos/58068110@N00/11556873345/in/photolist-iBeZNZ-iB9qnk-9zNt48-bypS5a and aside from a few typos in my haste, they were a ammusing xmas gift for many. gave it in salt shakers to friends with kids (dont want to give kids the wrong message about playing/cooking with medications)

1 reply

maltodextrin! /facepalm.
What a great idea. That never even occurred to me to do that. I just shake the shit out of the container.

Very cool. We shall now be friends. :)

Hi Columbus, never tried Sriracha even tho it is only 30 min up the road!

1) You can dry your mix in the fridge. On an open plate, etc.

2) If it won't dry, don't start again, just add more salt & remix.

1 reply

4 years ago

holy cow... you're a genius...!

If the [mill] grinding mechanism is metal, you don't want to use it with salt. It will corrode. You want plastic or ceramic.

There's an 'ible on taking apart a single-use mill so you can use it more.

Good Morning!

On my monitor the finished salt looks very mustard yellow color. The skin tones look healthy enough so I'm curious if my color is off or if you really end up with a yellow product?

Thank you!

3 replies

I see that too.

it's a yellow-y-pinkie ish color.

Hi PACW. It should finish with a pink hue that has a nice vibrance. No yellow. :)

I usually make some kind of infused salt with herbs, citrus, peppers and the like...but I worked too much OT this holiday season and didn't get around to it. You have saved my holiday a$$, my good sir. This will do nicely. Thank you.

Thanks for the info. Good luck with the affiliate thing. Hardly seems to work for me but it's worth a try.

I wish that I could pronounce Sriracha,, sounds delish...maybe we could get you on The Rachael Ray Show ,maybe a massive write in to Rachael, or maybe the Chew...I qualify for the worst cook on Earth..would you believe that I thought dry wine came in a package ....and you added water....Good Luck, Mary Kay Pousa

I will definitely be making some of this!! Thanks for the idea.

I buy those containers from Amazon too! My freezer and cupboards have never been so organized! ;)

2 replies

Alas, when I put my cookie sheet into my 350°F oven, my beautiful Sriracha salt got all brown and toasty-burned smelling! I don't think that was supposed to happen... :(

I shall make another batch but be patient and let it dry without the help of the oven, I guess.

Same here. I use them for spices too. Way better for stacking and organization.

looks good, but I'm curious, is that a go pro with a lens hood on your table top? what is the go with that?

1 reply

I use a GoPRo for some of my close up shots. Since the GoPRo doesnt do too well up close, I used a lens adapter and screwed a zoom lens on it. The hood is used for depth. When I shoot some of the scenes I might just grab the GoPro and stick it close to something and not check the viewfinder. I know if I touch the hood to something, then I am as close as I can get and the camera is focused.

Here is a guy who sells the GoPro lens adapters on eBay.


I am going to have to try this with liquid smoke. Thanks for sharing.

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