Homemade Stamped Boomerangs.




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Intro: Homemade Stamped Boomerangs.

A friend of mine who was living in Australia for a Little while, promise me that when she came back from there, she`ll bring me a boomerang, unfortunately it seems that these cost so much there, so she can´t bring me the precious object. So, I decided that next time when she came to my home she´ll find in my wall some Boomerangs. I found around the web, a lot of Images of traditional Boomerangs, made of Wood only for decoration.

Step 1: Stuff.

Stuff. Saw. Thin Planck of Wood. Paint.(Black, White,Yellow,Blue,Red. Sharpies. Acetate. Cutter. Scissors.

Step 2: Cut Some Wood.

Draw in a paper the Basic shape of a Boomerang cut it and then trace it in the Planck of Wood.Then with the mitter saw cut carefully the Basic shape. Then sand all the edges and give it a smoth surface.

Step 3: Make the Stencils and Stamp.

Then in a sheet of acetate, acrylic draw the stencils with the shape that you want. In my case I drew the shape of Australian animals, like : Kangaroos, Lizards,Plattypus, etc. Then cut the Basic shape and start to Stamp in the Boomerang with Black Paint. Just one tip, in the traditional  Australian paintings, it`s so usual the White points in between a Black ribbon , those White points were painted with the back tip of the brush.The small details were drawed with Black Sharpie.Use the paints that you want and have Fun with your Imagination.

Step 4: Final Touches.

Release you inner Pablo Picasso !! In my case I didn´t had Brush, just a few bottles of acrylic paints and a Little brush from an eyelash paint from my wife (btw don´t tell her ) Let your inner artist fly , and have Fun drawing Basic shapes and paintting the Boomerangs.When all the decoration is made Apply Clear Varnish, And Hang them in your Wall. I hope you like it, rated and vote.



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