Homemade Telescope

Required Items

1) Cylindrical cardboard (1 small and 1 bigger in diameter)

2) Insulation tapes

3) Concave and Convex lens (1 small and 1 bigger in diameter)

4) Scissors

Step 1: Get the Lens of Correct Diameter

One larger Convex lens and one smaller Concave or Convex lens – this must be smaller than the tube you are going to use. If the smaller lens is a convex lens it will give you the same view but turn everything upside down. I got one from Amazon and the other from my VR Headset.

Step 2: Body of the Telescope

Two cardboard tubes in which one fits perfectly inside the other. Please make sure that no light enters through the setup unless it is through the two openings, else it will distort the obtained image. I used a badminton racket bottle and chart paper.

Step 3: Fix the Lens at Both Ends

Fix the larger lens at the end of the cardboard with the largest diameter and the smaller lens at the cardboard with the smaller diameter using insulation tapes.(on both ends)

Step 4:

Adjust the smaller cardboard piece by sliding it in and out till you get a clear focus on the extraterrestrial bodies.



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    4 Discussions


    1 year ago

    That picture looks like you adapted a Canon Zoom lens... - do you have an instructable for THAT mod?

    1 reply
    Thinkal VBmacgeek

    Reply 1 year ago

    The moon's pic is not from the homemade telescope. Homemade telescopes can't reach that perfection unless it requires quiet a great effort on it. It was taken five year back with a real telescope integrated with a computer when I was in JNV TVM by our physics teacher.