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Introduction: Homemade Thermostat

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Hello everyone,

it's my first instructables, the first goal will be to make a controller and temperature controller safe, simple, efficient and reliable.

For starters, i am an amateur who makes cheese at home, i had to control the temperature and humidity of the cheese refrigerator.

The most profitable and comfortable solution was to choose a model known on the internet otherwise difficult for me to make an electrical assembly without experience.

Finally i found the solution on the internet (thank you sharing) and i managed my project temperature management of the cheese refrigerator.

So, i would like to continue this sharing culture for future interested or future cheesemakers :)
The project consists in creating a digital thermostat housing with female socket to use it according to our needs, for the hot or for the cold. Thus we can use this device for any projects needing temperature regulation.

Example, Aquarium, Terrarium, Air Conditioning, Fridge, Freezer, Incubator, Boiler, Tank ... according to your wishes.


Step 1: Equipment :

- Digital thermostat MH1210W or the same series MH1210

- A junction box large enough to accommodate the thermostat and installation

- A female electrical socket of 10 amps minimum

- A domino of electrical connection

- A 220V power outlet to power the thermostat

- Some pieces of cables not too thin

- Optional waterproof power cable protection (visible in the picture)

Step 2: Diagram

Here is the diagram of assembly, to facilitate the understanding i followed the lines of cablages by adding the colors.

Brown = Hot

Blue = Neutral

Yellow / Green = Ground (not present on the image)

Step 3: Cut the Box

First you have to cut the junction box so that the thermostat and the wiring can be inserted comfortably.

The cut out realize, we prepare the wiring of the socket as on the image, the ideal would be to weld the cables directly on the socket. we are also preparing the power supply socket of the thermostat previously stripped and having 3 wires (Brown / Blue / Yellow-Green)

We firmly attach the socket on the box

Step 4: Install the Thermostat

Now we go to the assembly, first install the thermostat, the wires ... in their location for the final assembly.

Step 5: Thermostat Mounting

We begin by inserting the wires of the power cable of the thermostat

Brown = Hot to number 3 of the thermostat

Blue = Neutral to number 4 of the thermostat

Yellow-Green = Sol towards dominoes.

Turning now to the cabling of the socket, the
Brown = Hot to number 1 of the thermostat

Blue = Neutral to number 4 of the thermostat

Yellow-Green = Ground connect with the Yellow-Green = Ground of the power cable waiting alone on the dominoes.

To finish (It is necessary to bridge a piece of cable Brown = Hot of the number 2 of the thermostat towards numbers 3 of the thermostat)

Step 6: Finishing the Project

Control one last time to be sure that everything is well mounted, start by testing if everything works without problems, if everything is OK your mission is complete, you just have to adjust the menu properly and let work this great digital thermostat very tres good deal. The instructables is now complete.

I share the images of the final result, i wish you the best for you, have. A very soon for another adventure, thank you for the passage and your reading,

The next adventure will be to realize a PID Thermostat with 2x relays (1 for hot and 1 for cold) soon for new instructables. (Safety first and foremost) i am at your disposal




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    2 Discussions

    Such a cool project! How long did it take you to wire up your thermostat?

    1 reply

    Hello Tomatoskins, thank you for your interest in the project. Being novice in electricity, being careful not to make mistakes and burn the thermostat, i realize all afternoon :)

    An experienced could realize it in 1 hour (i think) but ultimately it's very fun to do this works and uses it. the total shot does not exceed $ 20.

    I hope the best for you, cordially.