Homemade Tiny MotorBike Model

Introduction: Homemade Tiny MotorBike Model

This homemade tiny motorbike model is madeup of scraps/used thing..
I have made it with used stationary items and some scraps...

Step 1: Sketch Basic Structure of Bike

You can use any chassis structure which is easier for you to build

use internet, comeup with more options..
start building

Step 2: Tools You Will Need

1. Cutter
2. Ruler
3. Marker
4. Fabric Glue
5. Masking Tape
6. Compass/ Divider (to pin holes)
7. Screwdriver

Step 3: Thing You Need

1. Two Bearings (for wheel)
2. Some empty refills of Pen (it will be good if you use jell pen refills as its thinker than ball pen ones)
3. Candle (to give desired shape to the refills)
4. Screws to fasten everthing (of suitable size which fits the refill inner diameter)
5. Springs (easily available in some pens)
6. Bolt & washers
7. Clay

Step 4: Fixing the Things Up

The front wheel base is show in the image

Take two refills of appropriate length cutt with the help of cutter

Mark two pin holes at no it both extreme end (this hole it to fix screws in it

similary, mount the rear wheel base

Step 5: Hooke the Things Together

Step 6: Making the Replica of Engine

Use a bolt and some washer
and fix it with the help of glue
On a Cylindrical member made with cardboard

Let it dry and paint it..

Attach it to the structure

Step 7: Fuel Tank & Seats

Use clay add some amout of glue in it & mix it well
(this is because to make the clay solid)
Mould the shape of fuel tank and seats

let it dry

paint it

mount it to the bike

you can use anythnig new/creative idea to make this things

Step 8: Adding the Final Touch

just look around you table u will find number of new ideas... :-)

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