Homemade Tomato Pasta

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This instructable is the next evolution from my homemade pasta instructable.  Once you get the basics down you can experiment to get your recipes tweaked to culinary perfection.

In this instructable we will use homemade tomato powder to make a flavored pasta.  This would work with almost any other powders.  Feel free to experiment with spices, herbs, or other vegetables like spinach.

Step 1: Create Powder

In an upcoming post on my blog, I will show how to make a great tomato powder by using the leftover tomato skins from making salsa, but if your in a hurry, its really easy to make this powder by putting a can of cheap tomato paste in your dehydrator and drying it down until it is like a fruit roll up.

Sorry for the lack of pictures of this point, we had some technical difficulties with the cameras while powdering the roll up.

We used a "bullet" but eny blender would do the trick.  I cut the chewy tomato sheet into strips about 1x1/2 inches so that they would pulverize easier.

I choose to stop after most of the tomato was a powder, but there were still some little chunks.

Step 2: Mix Pasta

Dump the tomato powder in with your flour and mix while dry.

Next make a small imprint into the center of your flour and add one egg per cup of mix.

Beat eggs and slowly enlarge your strokes to incorporate flour.  Don't rush or you will end up with a bowl of crumb.   Go slowly and you will be rewarded with a lump of dough.

If you need to (to fix your crumby bowl from going to fast), you can add a little water.

Step 3: Knead and Roll

Knead your dough until it become smooth and uniform in texture.

Then roll out the dough as thin as you possibly can.,

Step 4: Cut Boil and Serve

Cut your noodles however you wish

Boil for two minutes in slightly salted water

Serve immediately with a tasty sauce.

Step 5: Watch Video



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    Mmm, that sounds delicious! I think I've only had normal pasta, this sounds like it would be an awesome alternative! Do you have a ingredients list?

    2 replies