Homemade Tortilla-Wraps

Introduction: Homemade Tortilla-Wraps

Hello everyone!

I'd like to introduce my tasty, colorful, homemade tortilla-wraps- Those are really easy to make and ideal for any family lunch or dinner, since you can fill them with anything you like. I'll write down my recipe with a filling of my own, so I hope you'll enjoy that one! Also, I like making the tortillas myself, because anything homemade is better than what you can get in the stores and I promise, they taste really good and you don't need any special or expensive ingredients!

I guess it takes about one hour to prepare the wraps, the filling and the sauce- Have fun cooking!

If you like my recipe- I'd appreciate a vote in the rainbow contest ;)

Thank you for reading!!


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Step 1: Gathering Your Ingredients

For the tortillas:

2 cups flour

1 tablespoon salt

60 ml olive oil

200 ml water

For the filling:

250g red beans

1 large onion

1 large red bell pepper

100 ml vegetable broth





If you like to make a sauce as well- ingredients are listed with the recipe a few pages later

Also, I put in the end, what else apart from the filling I used for the wraps!

Step 2: Preparing the Tortillas

There is really not much to that- just mix together flour and salt and add the water and the olive oil.

Knead thoroughly until every last bit of flour really is soaked up in the dough and the dough isn't sticking to your hands anymore.

When your dough is ready, divide it into small balls, around the size of a golf ball. Then you put flour on a dry surface and roll out your dough into tortillas. Make sure that you really roll it out completely, the dough should be very thin because otherwise you'll get very doughy tortillas and you don't want that;)

Afterwards, heat a pan and put in the tortillas one after another, baking each side for around 40 seconds. You don't need to put any oil into the pan, the tortillas will just turn out fine with the oil in the dough.

Step 3: Preparing the Filling

Heat some olive oil (about 2-3 tablespoons) in a pan and pour in the onions. Fry them for about a minute at high temperature, then add the bell peppers. Cook for another 2 minutes, then add the beans. In the end, pour in the vegetable broth and add a teaspoon of salt, pepper to taste and a pinch of rosemary and basil (take as much as you like, I usually use about one teaspoon each)

Step 4: Getting to the Sauce

Now, if you're going to have wraps, it's also always a good idea to prepare some sort of sauce with it. Here's what I created:

Mix together 2 Tablespoons of almond puree (you can usually get that in the organic grocery stores) with 250 g of natural yoghurt, add one tablespoon of ketchup and one teaspoon of tomato paste, whisk everything together until well blended and add one teaspoon of salt, a little bit of pepper and a handful of basil leaves. And TADAA your sauce is done!

Of course, you can always use any other sauce with the wraps but I think this one is a good combination with the filling.

Step 5: Preparing Everything Else

This is what I use apart from the filling to put in the wraps:






and to serve with: Nachos

If you don't like some of these, just leave them out or feel free to add what you like.

Last thing to do is to get a tortilla, put some sauce on it, cover the mid with the filling and add avocado, tomato and everything else.

Wrap it up and ENJOY! :)

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