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Introduction: Homemade Vacuum Cleaner

About: “To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk.” ― Thomas A. Edison

Well my vacuum cleaner stopped working so what do i do? take it apart to see whats wrong! After some experimenting i decided to just make my own instead of buying a new one.  Nothing some Popsicle's and hot glue cant do! It even comes equipt with Chistmas Lights and a magnet on the front to catch stray needles in the carpet. (making model airplanes makes a mess). Runs off a 12 Volt drill battery.

Added some pictures to help.
Make sure to read the comments below to help also.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Cool! Im trying to build my own vacuum too - one with wheels and an arduino with some sensors on it, ive got the electronics covered and am designing the vacuum part now. Would you please explain a bit more or perhaps sketch out how yours works? For example, how did you implement the pre-filter to stop crud getting in the fan? Did you use some sort of cyclone? What is the motor RPM and does it give enough suction? Any pitfalls found?


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    That sounds really awesome...and gives me a few ideas to..My vacuum works a lot like a shop vac in the way it has a big bucket in order to reduce air pressure so the dirt won't just continue through the fan. It was designed to pick up heaver objects such as Popsicle sticks. the heaver stuff falls in the bucket and the dust gets stuck in the "filter"..i found that a filter blocked to air stream a lot causing less suction, so i have more of a grate on there, but it works. Also i got the fan blade out of a broken vacuum cleaner and put it one a faster motor, i don't know the exact rpm, but pretty fast. The only problem i have is that the motor depletes the battery pretty fast. so the suction is great for a while and the motor slowly slows down. but i am using a old 12v drill battery, so a new one would probably work better.
    I'm going to add some pictures to the instructable, so go look there, i made a diagram to,
    I hope this helps,