This is a very easy-to-make rocket which you can create at home for both educational or recreational purposes. Below are the steps to build a great water rocket!!!!!!!

Step 1: Sketch

Plan the shape and size of your rocket parts carefully.

Step 2: Getting Your Materials

You need:

- One 1.5 - litre bottle

- Five pipes 30cm in length; some end caps for the pipes; two Tee 90s (to connect the pipes)

- A valve through which to pump air

- Water - resistant tape and PVC solvent cement (this acts like glue for the pipes)

- A (bicycle) pump (the valve must fit this pump)

- Colorful paper/ cardboard to decorate your rocket

Step 3: Making the Ramp

Connect the pipes like the picture above. Remember to add pipes on two opposite horizontal sides so that the ramp can stand. To make sure air and water don't leak:

- Put some PVC solvent cement on where the Tee 90s meet the pipes

- Add tape (duct tape and water-resistant tape) to the pipe which you will put your rocket on (this is also to create friction so that the rocket won't fall down to the bottom of the pipe)

Step 4: Making the Rocket

- Color the bottle any way you want

- Take some cardboard, color it, cut it into two right-angled triangles like above. Stick these two triangles to the bottle on 2 opposite sides

- Roll some color paper into a cone, make sure it fits the bottom of the bottle

Step 5: Fly, Rocket, Fly!!

- Pour water into the bottle half full (add some color powder if you want!)

- Get two people to do this experiment. One person quickly dumps the bottle onto the pipe, holds it tight and tries to prevent as much water from leaking as possible (this person should be wearing some kind of protection from water as the rocket will splash water all over them when it takes off). At the same time, another person pumps as hard as he/she could

- Countdown to 1. The person holding the rocket releases it immediately. (This person should keep their face away from the rocket, or else it will hit them)


(There's a video below of us doing the experiment. Enjoy!)



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    6 Discussions

    Mạnh HùngN4

    1 year ago

    Interesting project! I will definitely try it:)


    1 year ago

    Great project!!!! I'm sure to make it soon!

    Hylian Mom

    1 year ago

    This is very similar to a discontinued water rocket I recently read about that was pulled because kids would fail to get out of the way on time and it launched into their faces sending some to the ER. So yes, if we make this we WILL be sure to follow your safety advice! It's nice to know my kids can have one even though it was discontinued. (I don't mind letting them try dangerous things so long as adults are around.) Now if only we can find some spare piping....

    1 reply

    1 year ago

    Great job, I hope you get an A on your project :)

    1 reply