Homemade Wii Blaster

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This simple easy Nintendo Wii blaster was made in minutes from scrap.

Step 1: Locate Materials

I used an aluminum tube about 1 1/4 to 1 1/2", a long screw, wood block, and i happened to have some oval tubing on hand.

Step 2: Make Wii-mote Holder

Cut your tubing to length, then cut a slit down the length. De-burr the edges and round the corners to protect you and your wii-mote. then spread the tube till it grabs the remote solidly.

Step 3: Cut Remaining Parts and Prepare

Cut a handle and bevel the end to meet the wii-mote holder evenly then drill a hole near the front of the holder for your screw. Use the wood block to sandwich the handle and secure it to the holder. * Tip: if you cut and bevel your handle at a slight angle on one end, it make the grip comfier.

Step 4: Assemble Parts, Test Fit, Paint

Screw your parts securely together. I might caulk the seams, and paint it black. It would look neat with a black remote too.

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