Homemade Wolf Costume.

Introduction: Homemade Wolf Costume.

Our "Little red riding hood/Big bad wolf" role reversal.

My apologies that I don't have more photos of the process.

First the wolf was sculpted using clay *see clay version* using real pieces where see fit ie: eyes, ears, teeth.
We then created a negative (mold) of the finished sculpt using aqua resin.
When the mold's complete it was cleaned of all clay & put back together.
Foam latex was run in the mold to create the final mask, chest & hands.
The tongue was sculpted, molded & run in silicone (feels gross to touch!)
The teeth were bought online and then we added more teeth (using acrylic)
The face was complted using flocking and airbrushing and then the entire suit was covered in fur...the fur around the face&chest is hand laid to create a more realistic look.

Happy Halloween!!

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