Homemade Wood Metal Mini Lathe DIY Tailstock Drill


Introduction: Homemade Wood Metal Mini Lathe DIY Tailstock Drill

Homemade Wood Mini Lathe DIY Tailstock Drill

In my wood turning pursuits I've discovered that having a smaller lathe might be handy for, well smaller work, I plan to make mini lathe with spindle chuck and

Tailstock make old drills

Product Description"

Power Input voltageAC 240V 50/60HZ 100 Watt or Sew motor

motor speed: speed motor:1000r/min ± 15%

big slider route:60mm

small slider route:35mm

height of center:25mm

center distance:p110mm

maximum cutting diameter:13mm/45mm

three-jaw chuck clamping diameter 80 mm

Tailstock make old drills

More Step by Step Homemade Mini Lathe DIY Wood Milling CNC Router here:



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