Homemade Wood Mini Mill Lathe Machine for DIY in Home


Introduction: Homemade Wood Mini Mill Lathe Machine for DIY in Home


1. This DIY miniature small wood lathe is simulated, simplifying the large lathe working principle, extensive use of high-strength aluminum alloy materials, CNC machining, for research using and DIY.

2. DIY products for school experiment teaching or personal DIY use, not suitable for mass production or commercial use.

More Step by Step Homemade Mini Lathe DIY Wood Milling CNC Router here:


1. High accuracy, stability, low noise, strong power

2. Thick aluminum base, acrylic dust cover motor

3. Variable speed, large torque ball bearing motor


1. Input voltage: 12V DC

2. Power: 80W

Homemade mini Milling DIY X Y Z Slide CNC Drill Home Built Lathe Router Machine

3. Speed: Max:8000rpm (Seven stall speed regulation)

4. The theoretical maximum turning diameter: 70mm

5. The theoretical maximum clamping length: 180mm

6. Chuck clamping range: 0.6-6mm

7. Long With Hight:: 400mm x 80mm x 90mm



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