Homemade Wooden Guitar

Introduction: Homemade Wooden Guitar

This intractable is going to show you, how you can make your own Wooden Musical Board Guitar!!

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Step 1: Our Instrument

The instrument that is going to be show is a recycled guitar, made from just a board of wood and material you can find around the house!

Step 2: Materials

1.Board Of Wood (Your Preference of Size)

2.Fishing Line (I Prefer Using Both Thick and Skinny Line)

3.Pvc Pipe (Around 6 Inches, or Less)

4.Screw Eyes

5.Pliers, Scissors, Wire Cutters, Drill and Screwdrivers

6.Tuner (Of your choice)

7.Hot Glue Gun

Step 3: Playing the Instrument

Step 1- Drill Holes Depending On Where You Want Your ScrewEyes To Be. (Be Sure To Drill Holes To The Bottom To Be Able To Tune.

Step 2- Add your ScrewEyes In The Holes You Drilled.

Step 3- Cut A Hole In the Middle To Allow Sound Waves To Exit.

Step 4- Hot Glue Pvc Pipe Right Below The Top ScrewEyes.

Step 5- Connect The Fishing Line To Screws.

Step 4: Thank You for Viewing My Intractable!!

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