Homemade Wreath From Chicken Wire With Endless Possibilites!




Introduction: Homemade Wreath From Chicken Wire With Endless Possibilites!

Start with a strand of chicken wire that is of approximately 3 1/2 foot in length but at least a foot /12 in. in width. Most rolls of wire that you can get from the farm or hardware store are 2 foot in width so cutting an existing role straight down the middle is always an option. The Chicken wire (as I have always called it) is very sharp on every end or cut in the wire, please wear leather gloves when handling the wire.

My Homemade Chicken Wire Wreath! Please use your imagination to make great things instead of accumulating things to help your imagination.


Step 1:

Step 2: Form the Wire

Roll the wire width wise in order to make a tube type object . Then connect the two ends by mashing down one end (very slightly) in order to get them to combine at the end connection.

Bend stray wires and others to where they will overlap the intruding end of  the "tube" of wire.

Form the tube or wreath by bending or pushing out  the chicken wire that has been formed into the tube like structure, it should end up some what circular (that being the optimum goal)!

Step 3: Form the Wire Into a Circular Hoop

Form the wire into a circular hoop.

Bend the wire to where the ends meet up, and use a pair of pliers to bent the ends over each other. Your fingers will thank you later!

Step 4: Insert LED Lights Into the Wreath

By inserting the lights, manipulation of the wire is indeed necessary. Start with one end and then progress around the circle of the wreath, trying to make sure that the receiving plug will be on the bottom of the wreath.

Step 5: Decorate Your Wreath

Add several strings of twine (to support the structure) but also for decorative purposes.

Step 6: Rope for Decorating Your Wreath

Twist rope around your wreath to make a semi- plausible circle.  It will give it a western flair, if the chicken wire would not be enough! Be sure to use your glue gun to secure the rope at critical points as well as the twine you might have wrapped around earlier.

Step 7: Add a Rope Bow to Your Wreath

Get two pieces of rope and make a square knot, try to hot glue the middle knot and spread the strands out.  Oh, I also added a simple string of small bells to go on the wreath.

Step 8: Finished Chicken Wire Wreath

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone.

Enjoy your wreath , but please wear your leather gloves or otherwise you will not be catching footballs on Christmas and New Years Day.


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