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Introduction: Homemade Desoldering Staton

This is my homemade desoldering station.I made it my self because i find in ebay price's under 50 euros for the good one's and i'm not talking for the chinese shit's...My project is  very simple and powerfull !!Desoldering big transformers and heatsink's very easily !



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    May I ask, what did you use for the desoldering tip? Is the tip something that you purchased, or is your desoldering tip home-made? If you made the tip yourself, then HOW?! Thank you very much for your great idea.

    That's a nice desoldering station project. I'm beginning the work on mine tomorrow and it will use a car vacuum pump which can blow air and can suck air and also has shuts down when the air intake is blocked so the motor won't burn. It will have about 3 filters and will get powered from an Xbox 360 supply. I would have liked to see what kind of filtering you've got there inside that desoldering iron but I figured it out myself anyway. Thanks for sharing.

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    what kind of filters do you use?

    I use a fuel filter as the semi-final one, a filter from an actual desoldering gun on the desoldering pump body and another extremely fine wire filter behind it plus a resonably fine wire filter in the pump body itself so there is no chance of it getting soldering inside the actual pump. Cheers :)

    wow thanks for the reply! :)

    any links where i can buy those?

    That is just a 12V car air compressor which he modified into a vacuum pump. You can find out how to do that on Youtube. Cheers :)