Homemade Doll Box Wifey "Marbie" !

I am wearing my homemade doll box. My idea came from Pinterest, but I didn't have any instructions how to make it, I just went along with what felt right. My list of supplies were;
- A wardrobe box from Uhaul cost was $12.00
- 2 white spray paint cans from Walmart cost $6.00 together
-2 glitter wrapping papers from Walmart $8.00 together
- Any old back pack
- ribbon from Micheals cost $2.00
- Elmers glue
- Duct tape
- Scissors
- Knife
- Printing paper

I first cut out the foldings at the bottom of the box with a knife. I duct taped the top of the box, so the foldings wold stay closed. Then I spray painted the 2 sides of the box white. I then let it dry for an hour. Afterwards I traced how I wanted to cut out the box.  I used a knife and cut along the line very carefully. I then made 2 rows of 2 holes in the back of the box and put the ribbon through (that's where the backpack is going). After I put the sliver glitter wrapping paper inside the box using glue. Then I covered the front and back with the pink glitter wrapping paper using glue. Next I printed out Wifey "Marbie" and cut it out. I glued the words to the box. On the sides of the box, I used extra pink glitter wrapping paper and cut them into hearts, and glued them. I then cut out a quote bubble saying "I Do!". I also printed out a triangle and a "3+" and glued it onto the box. On the back I cut out, "Property of Marby" and glued it.

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