Homemade Fog Machine/bubbling Potion





Introduction: Homemade Fog Machine/bubbling Potion

perfect for a halloween party that just lacks something. This is an instructables on how to make a inexpensive cool fog machine.

Step 1: Ingredients

Ingredients are fairly simple
            a big candle
             some aluminum foil

Step 2: Building

First make a bowl shaped piece on tinfoil that will fit on the candle
Place the candle down 
Mix the water with the glycerin with 1 part glycerin 2 parts water
now light the candles and put them in a bowl with the stick ontop then place the foil ontop 
place the funnel on the foil upside down and pour the liquid inside it will take a second but before you know it you will have a great fun spooky fog machine.

                     Now Enjoy!



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    Not quite getting it. Maybe some pics of the construction process itself would help people like me.

    1 reply

    I agree - but I like it for it's pure simplicity. Just a photo to show the "bowl" over the candle would be enough.