Build a Cheap Hockey Table

Introduction: Build a Cheap Hockey Table

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It's my favorite home game . Usually people think , a hockey table is expensive . But now I show you how to make a cheap hockey table and enjoy from it .
With an old table , you can make this hockey table less then 10$ .
If you can't go to a sport club , this game help you to have a healthy play . 

Also you can download the 3d model of this hockey table . (For Sketch up)

Step 1: The Tools / Puck / Mallets

For table you have 3 reason :

1. Use an old desk , that you have it before . For example a board .
2. Buy and old desk & second-hand desk from a junk shop .
3. Build a table !

Tools :

Color spray
Thin wood (For puck)
Liquid glow

Puck : Cut two 5cm circle (X2) . Now glow them overlap with liquid or wood glow .

Rockets : For rockets I use gas trap-door . They are suitable . Also you can make them with wood . For wooden rocket you can follow this instructables .

Step 2: Make the Corners :

First , I reflect my table . Because its over-face wasn't suitable for hockey .
I use a separate wood for corners . I do this work for better reflection (for puck) . My table haven't flat corners , but now with this wooden corners I repair them and they are flat .

Corner woods :

Length : 128*6 (2X)
Weight : 79*6 (2X)

Put the woods in the suitable place and firm them with pins .

Step 3: Paint the External Face

• First draw two goal with gouache in two sides .

• Remnant of this step is free . You can do this work before make the corners , but if you do after step2 , that don't create problem for you .

• Paint the external face of hockey ground with color spray . For this work , I use green color (like as grass) , but you can use any color you like . for example I think Black is very nice for this work . You are free !

• Also I paint the environment with Red color . That wasn't important , but you can do that work also .

Step 4: Collation

I do a collation for pucks and surfaces .

My materials :

Pucks : Wooden & Plexi-glass
Surfaces : Glass & Wood

Below you can see the results :

Puck :Plexiglass vs Wood on the wood
            Plexiglass vs Wood on the glass

Note: Aluminium isn't suitable for plexiglass puck


Rockets :Aluminium vs Wood on the wood
                  Aluminium vs Wood on the glass

Note: Aluminium destroy the wood color


Help : Green : Better / Black : Worse

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome. Who needs air hockey when this works just as well?