Homemade "huck Norris '' for Mountain Bike

Introduction: Homemade "huck Norris '' for Mountain Bike

Hello there ,
this will be a tutorial how to make a dirt cheap '' Huck Norris '' .
This protection is use in a tubeless tire set up on a mountain bike to prevent tire pinch and rim damage during heavy rides
First you'll need a few elements. Mainly a primary foam element ta will make the core of your protection.
I found this really cheap foam mat at the local dollar store for a costly 3 $.
The dimensions where 27 1/2 x 17 3/4 x 1/3 inches (70cm x 45cm x 8mm ) , ruffly the perfect amount for a pair of 27.5 x 2.4 tire set.

Next , the tools.

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Step 1: Tools

Pretty much all the tools you'll need for building the foam core:
- Set of tubeless ready wheels and tire (of course )
-Cutting knife
-Circular punch (about 1'' diameters ) or other objects that will make an hole in the foam mat .
-Contact glue

Step 2: Step 1

First ,

You will need to find the appropriate width you have to cut for fitting the foam mat inside the tire.plus you will need the circumference of your tire. (Without the will of calculating I ruffly made it with the ruler taking the circumference around the tire and close enough, 210 mm (3x70mm) was the perfect length i needed.)
Then, took the external width of the tire (I found it easier to calculate it in mm than inches) , if you can't calculate it, use the numbers written on the side wall of your tire (ex: 27.5x2.4 (60-584) where 584 is the diameter of the tire and 60 the width in millimeters ).
After, subtract about 2 mm of the width and use it as the measure on your foam mat for cutting the appropriate size.
Cut the mat in strips at the appropriate width .
In my case the mat gave me 6 strips that when assemble where perfect for a pair of 27.5 wheels.

Step 3: Step 2

Next step is to make holes that will let the sealant flow all around the tire , it will also help to reduce the weight of the set up.
I used a cassette tool but other object can do the job too. Punch your stripes in the desired patterns.
Then glue all the parts together, but don't close the loop , it will be easier to do it at the end of the installation , it will also prevent the overlapping kink if the length is not perfect.
I also use gorilla tape on all glued sections for extra strength.

Step 4: Step 3

Finally ,
insert the stripe in your tubeless tire set up, The foam stripe should sit about in mid range in the tire (that usually correspond to the widest place in the tire.
Cut the overlap of the foam if needed , then glue it to close the loop and insert fully in the tire.
If not done , add sealant and put the tire back on the wheel.
And... voila , perfect cheap home made ''Huck Norris''

Cheers !

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