Homemade Legoputer: Compaq EPIC V2


hey guys, im luke japaridze!
this is my first creation that actually works. its a windows 98 laptop (soon to be a windows me pc so i can install a usb wifi card) converted to a lego cased desktop pc. its fully functional. i removed the display, battery terminal, cd drive rails, floppy drive (wouldnt fit), fan (broke for no reason before i made this, i installed a homemade one which cools better), the trackpad which also had indication lights and mic/speaker input/output (wouldnt fit plus plastic securing connectors from the mobo and the palm rest broke), and the keyboard.

ps: the leds in the case stopped working for no reason but they work in the pics (ill figure out the problem later)
i didnt think i would make an instructable so i just slapped it together but maybe in a month or two ill make one

old compaq presario 1240 (ressurected, hdd didnt work, messed it up when i was 5, im 12 now, fixed by unplugging it and plugging it back in

lots of legos (ran out of parts so its a bit crappy, bottom is very durable, top is a bit shakey (little glue should fix)

soldering iron (to melt holes for led lights, motherboard screw holes, etc)

gorilla glue (for legos, etc)

sharpie (dont have spraypaint)

total cost of project: free for me, less than 50 bucks for you

please comment!

i apologize for the terrible quality of the camera (14 megapixels my ass)
ill add videos later and more pics



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