Homemade Macro Lens for Camera Phones




Learn how to make a macro lens for your mobile.
A macro lens is a lens that almost turns your phone into a microscope.
More videos like this you'll find in Manual do Mundo blog.



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    in the video the flower is closed but on the phone display it is open? author, care to explain?

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    Reply 5 years ago

    Look under his fingertips. The close up matches perfectly.


    5 years ago

    I saw this GREAT 'ible for a project I've been trying for months to "puzzle out"
    -using only my own creativity, ingenuity & those occasional "sparks of genius" that we've ALL had at some point in our lives - (However small those little lighting bolts may seem in comparison to the broad strokes of absolute genius that so many other people seem to be blessed with, and although my lightning bolts most often "appear" just a little too 'far & in between' for my personal preference- I'm ever so thankful & grateful for each & every one! Each & every time!
    In the spirit of taking immediate action, I often try to act on them as soon as I possibly can.
    While I began to gather my materials, I was suddenly reminded of two very important things (by my 42yr. old arthritic knees):

    #1. I ONLY speak English; I try to hold on to what was once a vast mental dictionary of French vocabulary, syntax & even the occasional song or two. At one time I could amaze the proverbial masses with my grasp of such a lovely language & understanding of it's amazingly beautiful culture. Now, I grasp am overwhelmed when trying to understand any uncommon vocabulary and- unfortunately- I've all but given up on trying to relearn or even remember the most simple eloquence of not just such a wonderful language, but also it's amazingly graceful syntax & form.
    #2. Although I've lived in Southwestern Arizona for more than two decades, I have to admit that I am, ashamedly, to be counted among those who do not speak more than a small handful of the most elementary words that belong to the amazing, generous, patient & all-together beautiful people of any of the Hispanic origins in Tucson.

    All of this has been storied upon you as part of a plea to help me have the video translated....

    Thank You


    5 years ago on Introduction

    porque voce nao faz mais para o instructables? nem q seja em ingles
    why didn't you do for instructables?


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    no it wont dude, you would be suprised how much water can be poured over a phone before it stops working, look up techrax on google, he destoys phones and does tons of phone drop test, water test reviews, etc.