Homemade Miniature-compressor




Hello, this is a project I've been working at, it's a miniature reciprocating compressor made out of some cooper pipes as cylinders and connecting rods made of acrylic. I used epoxic glue for casting the pistons and a 9 volt drill and an abrasive file to machine them. A good way to cast the pistons can be found here


Crankshaft is made with a pulley and other parts of an old cassete player, and motor was taken from a broken 3 volt electric screwdriver
As me, you can get the one way valves from coffee bags, which aren't hard to find but it's pretty hard to prepare and drink all the coffee to get them empty ( because of this, maybe you will get some non sleeping nights) .
I still have to get two more check valves for finishing this project , but two were enough for building a big part of the compressor. The reason why I need four check valves is explained in the scheme. I hope in next months I get the parts needed, so i can finally present you this thing finished.

This was my first instructable (well, actually my first slideshow), so please comment.



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    I meant abrading the piston so it can fit inside the copper pipe. Unfortunately I disassembled the project so I won't be able to upload new photos or videos of this project.
    Anyway, I built another one that uses a single, bigger piston. I'll try to upload some photos and a video of it working.


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    mmm, u cand put a pipe connected to a bottle or smth with a measurer, like the ones in the air compressors,


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    I still don´t know, i've already got the coffee valves but unfortunately i haven't got time to finish it. Also I don't have a way to measure the air pressure (any ideas??).

    Well, I just cut the part of the coffee bag where the valve is, then i carefully remove the piece of plastic from the valve with a cutter, and well...that's all!!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Well, I was thinking about building a kind of water booster (of course, in miniature) for increasing the pressure I get from a water pump I made. Also I was thinking about making a pnuematic system (with homemade actuators of course) for building a kind of arm or something


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    Very cute. Looking forward to the complete 'able, even though I am wondering what I would use it for. What will you use it for?

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    Some people are into Automata, or models of factory's, some robots used pneumatics to move arms, legs, there is also something called fluidmatic or something spelt like that, that is a control system, similar to where a microchip channels electrical, this system is channelling streams of air, it has logic chips, OR AND etc, amplifiers, switching. It is used in explosive environments where you can not risk electricity, in my case, I came across it in a cannery where the machine was under running water. The chips are large, layers of brass plates, maybe 75-mm square, 4-mm thick, each plate has holes drilled in certain places, slots in other places, then you stack them up, into a control chip. The plates are easily made at home. I will post a link, shortly, I will take me a day to locate URL, but thanks, I was needing such an idea. Depending on its life/strength, how about coupling it to a windmill, it would be a good way to transfer wind power, using old water gardening hose. And at the other end, a second air pump can have its valves reset, flywheel added, and run as a motor. Have a small air storage tank, with a safety valve set at maybe 10 ppi, (To protect the tank, not that it would pump that high)