Homemade ...off Road.... First Aid Kit / Survival Kits

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Need to make some first aid kits try to make them with some of the stuff you might have around the house but just a fun thought on how one might go about setting up one of these I use a food saver but you can use zip lock bags and what nots to keep the stuff dry and fresh all in all the bags i made up have more than one and a half full aid kits in them food and shelter i always have my knife in the jeep and carry fresh water whenever i go out trust me for the mind's sake make a few of these little survival kits up

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Step 1: Prep

So you know you want to make some of these little guys up so the first thing i do is get all my stuff together(tip--i try to put a little of everything in them) but this one is just for fire and food and what not so look and around and see what ya got on hand before ou go out and buy and bunch of stuff ya might not need

Step 2: The Kit

Ok so know ya know what ya gotta have to save your life out there in the wilds now really think at this point..this is the time to really think of things you might get up to out there... you know you better than i do so make what you might need and the word here is MIGHT need.. Now trust me on this you don't want to try to take to much but you want the stuff that might help you if anything just to stay hopeful for a happy outcome to whatever you might have to face out there..

Step 3: Kits on Top of Kits

So now we want to make up our small kits for fire and toilet paper and food and well you get the point ..The whole reason for this is so that in time of need you will not have to dig around for what you need (tip keep the flashlight where you can see it in ) if you put one in next to do is just stuff the life saving goodness in the bag

Step 4: Now Tuck All That Stuff in Tight

I like to use my foodsaver but if you don't have one ziplock bags work well too but you get the point...

Step 5: Tuck That Bad Boy Away

Now just put the little package of life away and forget about it and hopefully you will never need it but if you do my friend you know it is there ....so ride safe and happy trails

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    4 Discussions

    Suggestion: You have a blue LED flashlight from Harbor Freight showing in the photos... The batteries that they ship inside them are the absolute lowest quality ones available. The batteries they provide inevitably leak, destroying the flashlight (I speak from experience here). It takes a mini-phillips screwdriver to change them. And one thing that nobody considers is that it will require one hand to hold the light, leaving one to do the work (yes, there is a magnet on the back, but just how often is there a magnetic surface available, especially one that faces the right direction?).

    Personally, I have a 'head-light" in my kit, one that goes on your head and has the light on your forehead. HF has at least two different models, and all are designed so that you can change the batteries without any tools. All, however can easily have the light switch bumped "On", draining the batteries. I keep the headlight separate from the batteries (which are in a zip lock baggie). You should change the batteries every year on any emergency flashlight and use NEW batteries from a supplier that sells enough that they have a fairly fast turnover of stock. I use costco's own brand (Everready makes them) and I use Christmas as a mental reminder date - I give all my emergency "stuff" a refresher for Christmas - the spare tires in the cars get filled up with air, the generator gets an oil change, and the smoke alarms and emergency flashlights get new batteries, etc.)

    Lastly, try and standardize your batteries - I make a real attempt at using "D" and "AA" size exclusively. AAs have three times the energy of AAAs, and it takes a bit more work to find flashlights that use AAs but it's worth it in not having to change the batteries in the middle of a problem. But sometimes you can't - the TV remotes all use AAAs.

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    Well that my friend is very good input thank you for the insite all very well thought out and sound plans you have thanks once more for the great info