Homemade Outdoor Fountain Using Scrap!!!!!!!!!!!

HELLO guys

its my first instructable .

i am gonna show you how i made a awesome outdoor fountain using scrap

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Step 1: What I Used

what i used was a 1/2 inch pvc pipe

1/2 inch pvc elbows 2nos

1/2 inch pvc end cap 1nos

And most important A SUBMERSIBLE PUMP

neccecary tools

a jigsaw

a drill machine with small bit

Step 2: Cutting Drilling

cut pipe in three pieces

The one piece should be little big than other two

in bigger pipe drill holes

attach all the pipes with two elbows

at one end add end cap

at other end fix pump outlet

Step 3: Testing

keep it all in a water tub and support it with something power it

AND DONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Cool fountain. If you want to include the video you can go to the step editor and use the embed video tool to embed the video on the page. That way people can watch the video on the page.