Homemade Tint Glaze for Aluminum Can Crafts




Introduction: Homemade Tint Glaze for Aluminum Can Crafts

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After watching several videos on how to make Soda Can crafts I noticed that most of them used either Alcohol ink or permanent markers to color their work.  I found that the permanent markers tend to dry out quickly and they also had a problem of the color coming back off if you go over an area that already has color on it.  I also wondered just how durable the ink would be outside in the weather.  I came up with and idea of how to make a durable color glaze that you could mix to your liking of color and depth and that would allow that metallic look of the aluminum to show through.  These are the things that I will show you to use in the following video. 

1. Rust-oleum Ultimate polyurethane, soap and water clean-up, Gloss
2. Food Coloring or gel water colors in the tubes
3. small cup to mix the glaze in.
4. disposable spoon or and old one you don't use to cook with.
5. craft stick to stir with.
6. inexpensive soft bristle paint brush.
7. small empty bottle with secure lid to store the glaze in.
8. Krylon Matte Finish permanent protective finish - or store brand clear acrylic Matte finish spray.
9. paper towels to protect area and to wipe off brushes with
10. cup of water to rinse brushes etc. with. 
11. your Aluminum can craft project to be painted.

This glaze is soap and water clean-up so you can re-use your equipment after washing it.  



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    8 months ago

    Thanks so much for sharing your recipe! Now NOTHING can stop me! Merry Christmas!

    Wow. Thank you so much. I have been pouring through the internet trying to address this exact issue, really not finding anything that really works. Your flower is BEAUTIFUL! That is exactly what I imagined the colorization should look like. I didn't want it to have a finished matte look, but the natural luster of the beautiful aluminum. You're awesome. Thanks again.

    Thank you all for your comments. I have since found that the water color paints in the tubes work well and will probably hold up better outdoors - I am currently testing that. The food colors will work fine for indoors but I am afraid they will fade in the sun. There is a great tutorial on Youtube for the soda can flowers which is where I learned how to make one of these. That one shows how to make the single row of petals on the sunflower in the bottom of my photo. I then became inspired to make the double rowed one at the top by making that row's petals just a bit smaller and then scoring the edge to bend back and stapling it to the inside top edge of the circle. It also gave me a nice area to insert the outer petals between which aided in holding them in place while the glue set.

    I have not seen this type of tin craft previously, I think your aluminium piece looks fab, you've been an inspiration to me :o) Thanks for the tutorial

    Thanks!! I haven't seen anything on tin can crafts, but after seeing your project and tutorial, I must start!!

    I hope I can figure out how to add this photo of the aluminum piece that I used this technique to paint.https://www.instructables.com/files/deriv/FEJ/48JK/HHS9L1W3/FEJ48JKHHS9L1W3.SQUARE.jpg