Homemmade Mancala Board With Storage




Introduction: Homemmade Mancala Board With Storage

I made this mancala board using 2 pieces of 1x2x8 poplar boards, routed with a 3/4" corebox bit.  I first glued the 2 poplar boards together to make a thicker board - I did this so I could drill some holes to store the game pieces in.  I then drew out the areas I would route then hand routed them.  The bit burned some of the wood as it cut, but I liked the look in the end and didn't try to sand it all out.  After sanding, I only coated with a water based polyurethane which actually resulted in an interesting change in color - some of the green shaded poplar turned red after being coated.  I drilled 1" wide holes in 2 ends about 4" deep using a forstner bit for storage of the beans I'll use in the game.  A cork placed in each end to plug the holes completes the board.

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